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ARTIC Subscale #5, ProQOL- Reactions to the Work

Vicarious Traumatization- What To Do

  1. Have team discussions of what is going on and how it is affecting us as people
  2. Connect with anyone who has been hurt and express your concern
  3. Make sure that supervision is happening
  4. Is our environment too noisy?
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ARTIC Subscale #4- Self-Efficacy

Action Steps You Can Take Now

Here are some tips for beginning the transformation to trauma informed care:

  1. Every time you talk about something a client has done, have someone review the client’s history.
  2. Any time someone wants to know what punishment they should apply to a given action, ask: how do we understand why he did that?
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ARTIC Subscale #3- On the Job Behavior

Interpreting Client Behaviors

When clients act out, are disrespectful, threaten others or property, or have difficulty apologizing after they have caused harm, it is not unusual that you may feel that the client’s behavior reflects negatively on you.

It can be helpful to remember the following:

People with trauma histories:

  • Experience disrupted development
  • Have difficulty with attachment
  • Do not feel connected to people or places
  • Do not believe they are worthy of good things in life
  • Struggle to regulate and manage strong emotions.
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Making It Real! Implementing Trauma-Informed Care in Child-Serving Settings

Woman with Hands on Temples --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Are you losing sleep at night concerned that your program is not offering the best possible treatment to your clients? Do you at times feel overwhelmed by team dynamics and negativity? Are you sure that you are developing your staff and providing a rewarding workplace?… Read the Entire Article

Pat’s Article and Interview

PatI recently wrote an article that was published in Fostering Families Magazine. The title of the article is: Transforming This Placement Into a Family. I was interviewed about this content on a radio show hosted by Pat O’Brien. The link to the interview is: Radio Interview The radio show is called  “Adopting Teens and Tweens” sponsored by You Gotta Believe, an agency that promotes the adoption of teens, that was founded by Pat O’Brien.… Read the Entire Article

What Are Your Questions About Implementing Trauma-Informed Care?

PartnerForHealing_FINAL_notag_Partner for Healing is the newest offering of Klingberg’s Traumatic Stress Institute. We are experienced therapists and administrators who provide practical guidance and compassionate solutions to trauma care professionals so that they can offer their clients more effective healing and can stay hopeful in their work.… Read the Entire Article

Traumatic Stress Institute/ Klingberg Staff Quoted in CT Mirror Article on Trauma

Mental Health in Stop and Shop


Natasha Rivera-LaButhie at a press conference announcing the launch of a hub in a New Haven Stop & Shop that will offer mental health services and other assistance.

The Connecticut Mirror published a four-part  series on childhood trauma by Arielle Levin Becker, titled, “Starting Early” The series offers an in-depth look at a critical public health issue and is a must-read for policy makers, providers, parents and others who care for or work with young children and their families. … Read the Entire Article

Trauma Informed Care: Perspectives and Resources

TraumaCenter_HeaderImage-Module03_03aA comprehensive web-based, video-enhanced resource tool   JBS International’s Disability Services Center and Georgetown University’s National Technical Assistance Center for Children’s Mental Health have created an educational tool to help build state-by-state and provider capacity to serve children and youth who have experienced trauma.… Read the Entire Article

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First Book Signing for New Restorative Approach Book!





Patricia Wilcox had her first book signing for her new book, Trauma Informed Care: The Restorative Approach published in 2012 by NEARI Press. ( at the Connecticut National Association of Social Workers Fall Specialty Conference.… Read the Entire Article

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