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2013 Day of Learning and Sharing for RC Trainers Merged with Dec. 2nd Ana Grace Conference

We hope RC Trainers who generally attend the Day of Learning and Sharing will attend the December 2nd Ana Grace Conference featuring Dr. Bruce Perry. This conference will count toward your annual RC Trainer credentialling requirement. We hope to see you there!!!… Read the Entire Article

Registration Now Open — December 2, 2013 — Inaugural Conference of the Ana Grace Foundation Featuring Dr. Bruce Perry

On December 14, 2012 the nation and world were shaken to their core by news of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
On that Friday evening, the tragedy became even more personal to us at the Traumatic Stress Institute and Klingberg Family Centers.
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RC Faculty Trainer Gives Keynote Address for Kentucky’s NASW Conference

Key note


On September 17, 2013, faculty trainer, Jodie Tingle-Willis, LSCW will be giving the keynote address at the NASW Kentucky Fall Conference: Weaving Threads of Resiliency & Advocacy.

Participants will explore the concept of Vicarious Traumatization, as well as, ways to anticipate, address, and transform VT at the individual and organizational levels.  … Read the Entire Article

RC Trainer Retreat on Contemplative Practices — Sorry, It’s Now Full!!!

The Contemplative Practices Retreat for RC Trainers on October 18th is FULL. We only had limited slots in order to keep it small and intimate. For those RC trainers who wanted to attend and were not able to, we will be offering similar events in the future — especially since we now know that there is an interest and need for these kinds of gatherings.  … Read the Entire Article

Lessons From Penn State — How Youth-Serving Organizations Can Prevent Adult-on-Child Sexual Abuse — September 10, 2013

The Penn State tragedy has propelled many organizations to start thinking about what they need to do to protect the children and teens in their care. Adults that sexually abuse or are prone to violate boundaries are drawn to work in youth-serving organizations.… Read the Entire Article

Registration Open Now! – First Ever Retreat for RC Trainers — October 18, 2013

Working with people who have experienced great pain teaches us about courage and human resilience, the possibility of transformation, gratitude in our own lives, and the power of hope. Mindfulness and contemplative practice offers us the tools to help us re-discover and connect again with the hope and meaning in our work and our lives.  … Read the Entire Article

RC Train-the-Trainer — RC for Foster Care June 4-6, 2013

RC for Foster Parents is the newest training adaptation of the original Risking Connection training model.

The release of RC for Foster Parents comes at an opportune time. Across the nation, states are relying less on residential treatment to treat their most stressed children and youth.… Read the Entire Article

Risking Connection and Restorative Approach Accepted to Evidenced Based List

The California Clearinghouse for Evidenced-Based Practice in Child Welfare (CEBC) have accepted Risking Connection and the Restorative Approach for inclusion on their list of evidenced-based programs. CEBC provides child welfare professionals with easy access to vital information about selected child welfare related programs.… Read the Entire Article

Resources on Self-Inflicted Violence by Ruta Mazelis

The are resources written by Ruta Mazelis, national trainer on self-inflicted violence.

SIV Fact Sheet For Those Who Self Injure

SIV Fact Sheet For Supporters

SIV White Paper

 … Read the Entire Article

7th Annual, Day of Learning and Sharing for RC Trainers — Healing from Self-Inflicted Violence

On the Cutting Edge: Helping Clients Heal from Self-Inflicted Violence

The goals of this workshop are to encourage understanding of self-inflicted violence and promote healing from the need for self-injury in a holistic and trauma-informed way.   Self-injury is an intense and often misunderstood topic, greatly impacting the lives of those who live with self-inflicted violence as well as those who care about them. … Read the Entire Article

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      Risking Connection™(RC) is a foundational trauma training curriculum and training program for professionals who work with trauma survivors. Rooted in relational and attachment theory, it provides a mechanism for individuals and organizations to implement trauma-informed care in their practice.

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      The Restorative Approach® (RA) is a trauma-informed alternative to traditional "point and level" systems for child congregate care settings. Based on the principles of restorative justice, it translates what we know about trauma and how children heal into specific treatment strategies.