Making It Real! Implementing Trauma-Informed Care in Child-Serving Settings

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Are you losing sleep at night concerned that your program is not offering the best possible treatment to your clients? Do you at times feel overwhelmed by team dynamics and negativity? Are you sure that you are developing your staff and providing a rewarding workplace? Do you experience too much staff turnover? At times does your work consist of unreasonable demands, lack of validation and not feeling appreciated? And you are not sure you know how to help? Have you tried to implement trauma-informed care, but feel unsure as to whether it is really part of everything you do?

Does your team struggle with collaboration, get discouraged, divide into segments, blame each other, polarize in decision making? Do you have difficulty finding time for training and refreshers to keep the trauma-informed approach alive?

 The Traumatic Stress Institute of Klingberg Family Centers is proud to offer a new online course designed to help child-serving agencies implement trauma-informed care into every aspect of the daily workings of treatment programs.

Making It Real!

Implementing Trauma-Informed Care in Child-Serving Settings

Making It Real is…

A team-based training course for congregate care programs serving children. This means teams in residential facilities, schools, hospitals, day treatment programs, group treatment, foster care… any setting in which you are both offering treatment and managing behavior.

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    • Risking Connection Training

      Risking Connection™(RC) is a foundational trauma training curriculum and training program for professionals who work with trauma survivors. Rooted in relational and attachment theory, it provides a mechanism for individuals and organizations to implement trauma-informed care in their practice.

    • Restorative Approach Training

      The Restorative Approach® (RA) is a trauma-informed alternative to traditional "point and level" systems for child congregate care settings. Based on the principles of restorative justice, it translates what we know about trauma and how children heal into specific treatment strategies.