What is the ARTIC Scale?

The ARTIC stands for Attitudes Related to Trauma-Informed Care. The ARTIC Scale is one of the first psychometrically valid measure of trauma-informed care (TIC) to be published in the literature. It measures professional and paraprofessional attitudes favorable or unfavorable toward TIC. There are 3 versions of the ARTIC for human services settings (45 item, 35 item, 10 item short form) and 3 parallel versions for education settings. The ARTIC has five core subscales and two supplementary subscales. The longest version, the ARTIC-45, can be completed in 15 – 20 minutes.

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      Risking Connection™(RC) is a foundational trauma training curriculum and training program for professionals who work with trauma survivors. Rooted in relational and attachment theory, it provides a mechanism for individuals and organizations to implement trauma-informed care in their practice.

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      The Restorative Approach® (RA) is a trauma-informed alternative to traditional "point and level" systems for child congregate care settings. Based on the principles of restorative justice, it translates what we know about trauma and how children heal into specific treatment strategies.